Awaken the divine feminine in your home yoga for a healthy and empowered life

Join Jane on this unique 21-day home yoga journey to awaken and embody the archetypal wisdom of Durga. Enjoy the freedom to do the practices in your own time and at your own pace. Nourishing practices include asana (tantra flow + yin yoga); meditation; mantra; mudra; yantra; self inquiry shadow-work and more!

Durga: 21-Devotional Home Yoga practice

  • Nourishing

    It’s never to late or early to build a home yoga practice. This beautiful 21-day home yoga course is a devotional guide to build your very own nourishing feminine home yoga practice.

  • Awakening

    This 21-yoga journey guides you through the stages of awakening the divine feminine in our asana practice and through a collection of beautiful meditation and self inquiry practices.

  • Empowering

    Durga is the goddess of inner strength, courage and protection. Calling her into our yoga can be a powerful way to connect to the divine feminine and claim our power as women.

What women are saying about yoga with Jane

“Jane's yoga is such a restorative, pleasurable and insightful experience. Now she is online I can do yoga in my own space, when I want. It is empowering to practice with the goddesses, who represent the different experiences and feelings women can go through.”

Eva Whyte

“Yoga with Jane is so relaxing and nurturing, and practicing with the goddesses is spiritually inspiring. Her online offers give the privacy of being in your own space but still having supervision and direction where needed. ”

Cecilia Farley

“"I first experienced Jane’s coaching when I was dealing with significant health issues and was so inspired by the simplicity of what Jane showed me. It gave me the confidence to continue on my journey exploring the many benefits of yoga!”

Nikki Valentini

Who is this course for?

This course is for women who already have some experience of yoga, and have a desire to experience a more feminine approach to yoga and to deepen their yoga by establishing a devotional home yoga practice. If you are unsure of your readiness for the course, book a complimentary Discovery Call here.

Outcomes of the course

What you will achieve

  • Understanding of feminine yoga, Tantra and Bhakti yoga

  • Experience a range of yoga practices to invoke and embody goddess Durga

  • Awaken and embody the divine feminine within our yoga practice and our lives

  • Experience a transformational journey with the goddess Durga - the empowered feminine

  • Establish your very own personalised devotional home yoga practice

Meet Your Teacher Jane Mallick PhD

Jane is a dedicated and passionate yogini who has been practicing yoga for almost forty years. After a successful career in social health research and educational studies, Jane found herself at a midlife health crisis point, and turned to feminine yoga for healing. Jane is inspired by the divine feminine to share the teachings that have helped her, by supporting women, many of whom find themselves in similar midlife transitions, to create a life of ease, grace and full potential.

Jane Mallick PhD

Founder and Principal Teacher @ Tara Springs + Yoga Teacher + Coach

Your 21 Day Journey

  • 01


    • Welcome: Guidelines for setting up your Devotional Home Yoga

    • Video demonstrating navigation of this platform

    • Let me know a little about your yoga experience and expectations

    • Terms and Conditions

    • Privacy Policy

    • (If relevant) Pregnancy guidelines

  • 02

    Day 1: Introducing the foundations of the course

    • Welcome to Day 1

    • Course overview

    • Introduction to Devotional Home Yoga

    • Glossary, Bibliography and Acknowledgements

  • 03

    Day 2: Practicing yoga with the wisdom goddesses

    • Welcome to Day 2 Foundational practices

    • Practicing yoga with the wisdom goddesses

  • 04

    Day 3: Introducing Durga

    • Welcome to Day 3

    • Introducing goddess Durga: the empowered feminine

    • Durga's garden meditation

    • Self-inquiry questions

  • 05

    Day 4: Tantra flow yoga class

    • Welcome to Day 4

    • Tantra Flow Yoga invoking and embodying Durga

  • 06

    Day 5: Tantra flow with Mula Bandha

    • Tantra Flow Yoga invoking and embodying Durga

    • Optional Advanced Practice: Mula Bandha

  • 07

    Day 6: Introduction to shadow-work

    • Welcome to Day 6

    • Introduction to shadow-work

    • Shadow feminine: Self-inquiry journalling

    • Shadow feminine survey

  • 08

    Day 7: Understanding Durga's shadow

    • Welcome to Day 7

    • Introducing Durga's shadow

    • Working with Durga's shadow

  • 09

    Day 8: Yantra creation

    • Welcome to Day 8

    • Introducing Yantra

    • Coloring your own Yantra

  • 10

    Day 9: Yantra meditation practice

    • Yantra meditation practice

    • Durgas Yantra

  • 11

    Day 10: Yin yoga class

    • Welcome to Day 10

    • Yin yoga practice to invoke and embody Durga

  • 12

    Day 11: Deepening your yin yoga

    • Deepening into your Durga yin yoga practice

  • 13

    Day 12: Breathing Shakti Meditation

    • Welcome to Day 12

    • Breathing Durga's Shakti

  • 14

    Day 13: Adi Shakti Mudra

    • Welcome to Day 13

    • Adi Shakti Mudra and Mantra

  • 15

    Day 14: Tantra Flow dynamic practice

    • Welcome to Day 14

    • Dynamic Tantra Flow Yoga practice

  • 16

    Day 15: Shadow-work awareness of unconscious patterns

    • Welcome to Day 15

    • Cultivating awareness of unconscious patterns

  • 17

    Day 16: Shadow-work understanding and working with projection

    • Welcome to Day 16

    • Owning our projections

    • The Journey by Mary Oliver

  • 18

    Day 17: Durga yoga class for adrenal health

    • Welcome to Day 17

    • Recording of live zoom yoga class

  • 19

    Day 18: Symbolism of Durga's weapons

    • Welcome to Day 18

    • Exploring the symbolism of Durga's weapons

  • 20

    Day 19: Discovery of your own Durga tools

    • Welcome to Day 19

    • Durga's tool meditation

  • 21

    Day 20: Tantra Flow Yin Class

    • Recording of Live Zoom Class

  • 22

    Day 21: Next Steps: Commitments to Self.

    • Welcome to Day 21

    • The yoga of commitment

    • What are you already committed to?

    • Commitment ritual

  • 23

    Feedback Survey

    • Feedback Survey


  • What style of yoga is this course?

    I teach a gentle, nourishing, ‘womanly’ style of yoga. In our practice we embrace what is to be a woman, in all aspects of our ‘changing’ cyclical nature and welcome all that we are in our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body The yoga is non-traditional where I draw many styles and traditions that from the 40 years of practicing yoga. My formal yoga teacher training is in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and Tantra, all specializing in women (YA200, YA 100 hours + Tigress Yoga) I tend to use English terminology in my teaching, and minimize the use of Sanskrit, to make the yoga practice as accessible as possible for a broad range of women. My coaching practice draws on my professional experience and expertise, in psychology and education, and my life experiences as a woman.

  • How much time each day do I need to do the course?

    The course is designed for you to be able to do it as a 21-day guided journey, to establish a Devotional Home Yoga practice. The course is also designed as a self-pace self study course for your 12-month membership. The practices are of varying lengths for you to be able to fit them into your schedule. If you choose to do the 21-day journey, it requires that you give yourself approximately 1-hour per day for your daily practice. There is a longer 1.5 hr classes towards the end of the course.

  • I have an injury or medical condition - Can I still do yoga?

    Yes, in the majority of cases you can still practice yoga. Yoga Asana (physical postures) may even be recommend by a medical professional, physiotherapist or chiropractor to make yoga part of your lifestyle to assist with recovery of an injury or to help reduce stress and muscle tension. Please check with your medical practitioner ahead of signing up for this course. This course is more than just physical yoga and includes many forms of meditation and self-inquiry. meditation, mudra and mantra yantra, ritual and Self-inquiry.

  • I am pregnant or trying to become pregnant?

    The practices that I share on this course are designed for the woman’s body, and so are, in the main, suitable for pregnancy. Please check with your medical practitioner ahead of signing up for this course. Pregnant women are welcome on this course if you have been practicing yoga prior to getting pregnant. For students who are new to yoga I recommend that you find a specific prenatal yoga course. Throughout the course, I offer variations for women. So please modify for your body and your needs.

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